New capabilities at IWA

Whether for smartphone, tablet or desktop application – we can develop the software for your slide chart!

Our working with you over many years means that we know your products and your communication methods. Now we can also offer you presentations as virtual solutions.

Conceptual design and programming in-house and by our own staff. This ensures targeted development without expensive briefings and delays caused by misunderstandings.

Heat loss calculator IWA-07454

You can see here how from the IWA heat loss calculator software can be accessed from a slide chart:

The slide chart serves as the input mask in for the virtual representation. By swiping with your finger, the input values are set in a very short time. The results can be read from the slide chart and at the same time digitally in a table.

This solution offers the following advantages:

  • Input and results appear simultaneously at a glance.
  • The status of each value in relation to all the other values can immediately be evaluated.
  • By simply sliding, every setting can be varied and the effect on the result checked. Errors by keying in an incorrect value are avoided.
  • The results from the programme can be used for further processing (e.g. storing, printing, sending etc.).
  • The user gets the desired results as with a tactile slide chart but using the style of a computer game.

Slide charts combined with app -
an ideal communication tool

The slide chart remains as a communication medium which you can hand out as an advertising gift.

Proven and new technology perfectly combined.